Feng Shui Problem Resolved


MY SISTER ASKED ME A COGENT QUESTION THIS EVENING: “So how did you solve your feng shui problem in the bedroom?” Oh, that! I guess I owe her, and y’all, an explanation.

Taking to heart the sage advice of MazeDancer, Katy Allgeyer, and others on this blog, I moved the bed yet again, so it’s back in the niche, below, and out from under the oppressive ceiling beam. Truth to tell, the night before I moved the bed, I slept on the living room couch. I actually felt the pressure of the beam bearing down on my body and simply couldn’t spend another night there. Maybe it was suggestion, maybe imagination, maybe fear of forces unknown….at any rate, since I moved the bed, I’ve slept like an effing log.


I’ve added a white wool shag rug from IKEA and window blinds from Pearl River. With the new credenza for my office supplies, and the velvet-upholstered chair, top, I won a couple of years ago as a door prize at a Metropolitan Home magazine party, the room is getting quite comfortable. Especially when compared to the stark “before” of two scant months ago, below.


2 thoughts on “Feng Shui Problem Resolved

  1. Looking good! Especially nice to have another place to sit and read, relax, with the chair situation. That can feel like having another room. Make the whole apartment feel bigger. Thanks for the update.

  2. Cara,
    I love your orange color scheme! May I suggest you add something to the white wall behind your headboard? Since your headboard is a low one, I’d like to see something balancing out the orange wall that takes your eye upward, making the side of the bed more important than the head. It would be better feng shui to have something balance that same height. You could place a canvas piece of art there or take a soft textile and “extend” the line of your bed up the wall. Something lightweight so you don’t need to subconsciously worry about it falling on you.
    Good luck!

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