Upcountry Maui Plantation Cottage 260K


HERE’S A LITTLE SOMETHING to dream on as we enter the coldest, darkest days of winter: a well-priced — no, for Maui, crazy cheap — new-to-market 3BR, 1 bath plantation-style house ‘upcountry,’ a part of the island that’s more rolling hills than rolling surf.


I was alerted to it by Cherie Attix, proprietor of Hale Ho’okipa, a historic B&B where my daughter and I  stayed for a few wonderful days last month. Cherie, in addition to inn-keeping, is a real estate agent, blogger, and all-round Maui booster, having moved there from California some three decades ago.


Cherie writes: “Here is a cute oldie in Pukalani…probably 1930s to ’40s…I have not done a walk-through, but heard the plumbing and wiring are new….super cheap, on a nice size lot on a quiet street.”


Granted, the place needs work, but it’s livable. And who wouldn’t want avocado and orange trees in the backyard?


For 26 pictures and more details, click right here. Or call Cherie at 808/281-2074. Soon.

6 thoughts on “Upcountry Maui Plantation Cottage 260K

  1. I got a boyfriend. And he decided he wanted LAND to build on and not necessarily a land with a (farm)house on it. A log cabin maybe. But not a farmhouse. Sigh. Looking at a gazillion properties in Sullivan and Orange Counties, it seems. Working on a compromise. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Oh, do! And if you want to send me links to any listings you feel might be right for this blog (architecturally interesting, under 500K), that would be great. Good luck & happy new year to you, Melissa.

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