Retro Buses Ply Brooklyn Streets


AS A HOLIDAY TREAT for jaded straphangers, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has fired up its fleet of vintage buses from the 1950s through ’70s (that actually get a mile per gallon more than most current models — 3 instead of 2).

Through December 31, nineteen nostalgic coaches will operate during morning and evening rush hours along selected routes in all five boroughs. In Brooklyn, look out for the vintage buses along the B1 line between Manhattan Beach and Bay Ridge, and the B65 between Ocean Hill-Brownsville and Downtown Brooklyn.

But don’t expect to pay the 1960s fare of 15 cents. The vintage buses have been retrofitted to take Metrocards.

For more about the retro buses and the perennially popular ‘Nostalgia Train,’ a string of 1930s subway cars with wicker seats and ceiling fans which will also operate this holiday season, click here.

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2 Responses to Retro Buses Ply Brooklyn Streets

  1. Love this, Cara! Thanks for posting.

  2. Terry says:

    I love the look of the old buses. Hard to believe they can afford to maintain and operate these. (I have a relative in the transit bus maintenance business.) They may be much cheaper to maintain than the new ones are.

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