Notice: Lost Art

DUE TO EXTREME TECH-STUPIDITY on my part, I accidentally deleted seven months’ worth of images on blog posts, from August 2009 through mid-February 2010.

I’ll be able to restore most of them, but it will take a while. If you are exploring the casaCARA archives and find yourself unable to view pictures, that’s why. Please bear with me, and check back again from time to time.

I know I sound very calm, but really what I want to say is AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

5 thoughts on “Notice: Lost Art

  1. I should simply say, Terry, don’t ask, but I’ll tell ya. I went to change the blog header – figured the windmill has been up long enough – and discovered I didn’t have enough room in the WordPress media library. In fact, they had let me exceed it by 50%, and now to change the header I would have to either buy more storage space (for a nominal fee, probably) or delete some images. So, thinking I was making more room there, I started blithely deleting in bulk, and only too late realized they would also disappear from the posts. DUH!!!!!!!!!! Luckily I had started using Flickr for my image hosting back in Feb of this year, or it might have been even worse. I started restoring the images to a few, but it’s taking ages, and I probably won’t be able to find them all. A herculean project. Very discouraging. As a fellow blogger, do you think I should bother to restore the archives or just forge on?

  2. I don’t know. It would break my heart but I don’t think I’d have time to put it back together. Maybe when I stuck playing solitaire I’d reconstruct a few of my favorites. Almost all my pictures are in Flickr. I have to keep paying them, and get my kids to pay when I’m gone.

    There should be a Carbonite-like backup for websites, for things we put online perhaps it could make a printed book as well. I do a website for an Australian historian / friend with more than 1M words. He got the government historical society to do a mirror image of it. Business opportunity for someone. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s safe.

  3. Google cache will have them all. If you search them soon. And can remember the post titles, or a phrase to search.

    Type “site: ________” Putting the phrase you want to search in the blank. If WordPress still saved the posts, just not the images, just copy and paste a phrase from the post. You may not even need the site specification if the phrase is specific or long enough.

    After you hit search, you’ll see the little word “cached” under the returns. Every Google hit has that word, but not everyone notices that.

    Click cached and you’ll see the old page, including the image. Just download the image. It’s the exact one you posted.

    People have retrieved their images and posts even from blogs that went off line suddenly that way.

  4. Thanks, Maze, but I think I waited too long. Google has them cached, but not with the images. It’s been almost a week – I didn’t have the heart to even think about it, let alone blog about it, for the first few days. Meanwhile, I’ve started restoring them and will continue to do so little by little. It’s not bad to revisit the posts and maybe choose new/different images for them, at the same time I go through my overstuffed iphoto files and delete some of the excess there. I do appreciate your taking the trouble to explain about Google cache – perhaps it can benefit someone else. Meanwhile, I’m glad to know you’re still a reader!

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