A Yen for a Yurt

yurt-outsideI WANT A YURT. I have the perfect spot for it.

Why replicate an ancient structure used by Caucasian nomads in my backyard? Well, it could serve as a guest room, office, hang-out.

Do I really need a yurt right now? No, of course not. Somehow, though, the vision has taken hold.

Pacific Yurts seems to be the leading supplier. They can cost as little as $5,000, though that, of course, is the base model, and you have to have a platform built. As it’s more of a tent than a permanent structure, I don’t think it would require a permit.

A Chinese yurt, from Kate James’ Flickrstream, below

Securing the yurt

The perfect spot, below.


Something to mull over the winter…anyone have experience with yurts?

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6 Responses to A Yen for a Yurt

  1. Mary-Liz says:

    You already have a house & a pied a terre!!!!
    I like the Chinese one, but the Pacific one looks more mellow.
    I don’t have any experience with yurts, but I have a friend with a teepee. Would you consider a teepee??

  2. Quinn says:

    How about a gazebo????

  3. cara says:

    OK, so I’m greedy, ML. A teepee could be fun. What does your friend do with hers? And I love the idea of a gazebo (maybe a rustic one like they have at Mohonk Mountain House), but you can’t put guests in a gazebo for the night.

  4. Reed says:

    We love Yurts too! There is also this site: http://www.yurtworkshop.com/ But they are across the pond and shipping might be expensive.

  5. jan says:

    hi – i have a friends in CT with a teepee.
    we LOve staying in it when we visit – and consider it a treat.
    they have a small fire place igloo in it – as well as a single and double bed – outfitted with handmade quilts… lanterns …. hides… very cozy.
    i can easily see it in your space.
    at night when you stare all the way up – past the structure – and see the stars – it is incredible.

  6. I’ve always wanted a yurt for an “outdoor” yoga space. My friends in Oregon have a teepee – an unusually cathartic experience. The Chinese yurt looks more, familial. Go for it!

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