Sweet Home

My dining room, above. The 1940s X-legged table has a linoleum top. I found it at a local yard sale for $50.

ONCE AGAIN, I’VE HAD MY NOSE RUBBED IN IT. I’ve just written two articles for Hamptons Cottages & Gardens magazine (holiday issue, out Nov. 24), which means I’ve spent time visiting and interviewing architects, designers, and owners of multi-million dollar spreads — one very interesting new construction around an antique barn frame, the other a re-done-to-the-teeth mid-century ranch.


The living room, above, where I spend many happy hours reading and watching MSNBC.

Perhaps I should be wondering ‘What did I do wrong?’ Yet somehow I keep coming home to my little cottage with a sigh of relief. It’s cozy and it’s mine.


I hardly used my screened porch, above, this summer. It was too darn hot.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Home

  1. I love it!!! So cheery & comfortable & welcoming. And I love the glimpse of the blue shower door from the screened porch.

  2. Your little cottage looks perfect, magazines and mansions are lovely to sigh over, but simple and clever decorating is best.

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