Prospect Heights 1BR $2100/mo.

NOTE: This is NOT my new pied-a-terre, and the apartment is no longer available. This post is for voyeuristic and informational purposes only.


MY COUCH-SURFING DAYS WILL SOON BE OVER. I’m on the verge of signing a lease for a garden floor-through in Prospect Heights. As of November 1st, I’ll be able to say the words “pied-a-terre” even more often. I’m fantasizing how I’ll place my furniture, and my new landlords are being kind enough to allow me to choose paint colors. It’s premature to say any more.


I found my apartment-to-be on Craigslist (“by owner”), and though the pickings in Prospect Heights, my target neighborhood, are fairly slim, and there is a sad preponderance of bad renovations, there is one other listing I want to share with you. It was rented in a flash. I’m posting these pictures purely as an example of what’s available on the Brooklyn rental market for lovers of old houses who are prepared to do a diligent search.


It’s a top floor (long climb, bright) on Sterling Place, very near the Brooklyn Museum. The terracotta color of the building, top, and arched windows on the ground floor make me think Renaissance Revival, though most of the neighborhood dates from the 1890s, three decades past that style’s heyday. The apartment has TWO working fireplaces (one is rare enough — this is the outstanding feature, as far as I’m concerned) and the mantels and moldings are the original dark woodwork. Pity about the kitchen in the middle, but what can you do — it’s gotta go somewhere.


Pretty swell, don’t ya think? No wonder the landlord had people fighting over this one.


3 thoughts on “Prospect Heights 1BR $2100/mo.

  1. Congrats on getting a special spot in the city to hang your hat! Isn’t it fun to look at real estate? I especially love viewing real estate listing when I’m traveling. I love to see what things go for in other areas.

  2. What is the rent???
    Can’t wait to see photos of your own place! Hope it all goes through….

  3. The rent is in the title, ML: $2,100/month. Neither high nor low for the area and space. And the two working fireplaces!! HT, yes, I *love* looking at real estate. That’s why I started this blog: so the looking will never be over!

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