A Garden Bed, Literally


HOW CLEVER IS THIS? Surely it gives new meaning to the term “flower bed.”

The creation of Geoffrey Nimmer and Jack de Lashmet of East End Garden Design, it was an entry in last month’s container-planting invitational competition at LongHouse Reserve, a 16-acre sculpture garden in East Hampton, N.Y.

Geoffrey told me it took a week to put together, using elements of green wall technology to get things to grow on the sides as well as the top of the “mattress.” A wood frame was packed with soil and covered with landscape fabric; then plants were inserted in holes cut in the fabric.

The dust ruffle is acorus ‘Ogon’ (golden sweet flag). The argyle bedspread is made up of lime-colored sagana subulata ‘Aurea’ (scotch moss) and thyme, with purple flowers. Pieces of stone pool tile make up the white criss-cross bands.

Talk about bedding plants (oh, it’s so easy to pun)!

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