Emery & Cie

1. Dossier presse Impressions EN copie

ONE E-MAIL LIST I’LL NEVER UNSUBSCRIBE FROM is Emery & Cie, a European textile and wallpaper company whose elegant designs and sophisticated color palettes always send me into a reverie of an alternate life in which I a) could afford these stunning, hand-crafted materials, and b) have a place to put them.

8. Dossier presse Impressions EN copie

The stuff is too formal for a beach cottage — mine, at least — but I do see it, gorgeously, in a brownstone parlor, dining room, or bedroom.

7. Dossier presse Impressions EN copie

The founder of the company is Belgian-born Agnes Emery. They have showrooms in Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, and London — all of which I feel very far away from as it sit here gazing at two deer munching away in my Long Island backyard. But finding the Emery & Cie summer 2010 collection in my e-mail inbox magically transports me to Europe for just a little while.

13. Dossier presse Impressions EN copie

2 thoughts on “Emery & Cie

  1. I love these wall decorations. They would look nice in the high ceilings of our place in Brooklyn. Thanks for sharing.

    Are you familiar with the Donald Kaufman Collection Paints? Our house in EH came with the master BR painted in a Kaufman collection baby blue and it is beautiful. I’m trying to figure out where I can purchase more colors locally.

  2. Hi BKH, thanks for commenting. Donald Kaufman’s website (donaldkaufmancolor.com) has a list of retailers. The nearest is in Manhattan.

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