Showering Al Fresco


Basic: my new outdoor shower

OUTDOOR SHOWERS are practically synonymous with summer life in the Hamptons. That you can wash the sand off after returning from the beach and before entering the house is peripheral. The real point is that showering outdoors just feels so good, with the sun warming your body as you do it.


Unusual: semi-circular shower enclosure

When I first saw my cottage in the winter of 2009, I remember the real estate broker waving her hand at the rear of the house and saying, “…and there’s an outdoor shower!” It was in a dank, unappealing corner, with a dangling plastic shower head, and furthermore, the pipes had burst, rendering it unusable.


Sleek and minimalist

IMG_3273Last week, I finally got my outdoor shower. I had a plumber repair and move two outdoor spigots to more convenient spots for watering my expanding perennial beds, and I also asked him to move (re-build, actually) the outdoor shower. I like the way he crafted it out of copper pipe, with utilitarian handles for an unpretentious industrial look. I provided a new ‘rainshower’ head, left — a lot of luxury for under $50.

I had him place the shower head at the proper height for my yet-to-be-built deck. In the meantime, I’m standing on a platform rigged up from a slab of stone and two cinderblocks. There’s no enclosure yet either, so I strung a shower curtain on a rope. It all reminds me of the “I’m Gonna Wash that Main Right Outta My Hair” scene from South Pacific, or The Beverly Hillbillies. Still pretty hedonistic.


A la Robinson Crusoe: attached to a tree

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4 Responses to Showering Al Fresco

  1. Harriet says:

    Lucky you, Cara! Nothing beats an outside shower on a summer’s day. Heaven.

  2. Quinn says:

    I’m jealous!

  3. COPPERMAVEN says:

    Yea! Can´t wait till feel that sun mixing with the water…Actually cvould use it right now after a muggy, humid day in Lima…

  4. Terry says:

    Outdoor showers are the greatest. I wish bathroom designers would remember that. Ours has a big window. It’s tough on the window but great for our spirits.

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