North Fork Revival Cottage 440K


The one that got away, above

A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, I started this blog with a post moaning about the “perfect cottage” that got away. Someone went to contract on it, for 275K, as I was driving out to South Jamesport, Long Island, to take a look. I was bummed about it for months.

It was very special, part of a circle of late 19th century gingerbread-style summer cottages once used for revival meetings, similar to those found in Ocean Grove, N.J., and Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. I hadn’t known any such thing existed on Long Island until I saw this group. I’ve revisited it a couple of times since. “My” house has been painted and fixed up, but not TOO fixed up. The beauty of this particular cottage, for me, is that it was completely un-renovated, with old-fashioned bathrooms and kitchens, just the way I like my old houses.


The one you can have

Well, guess what? The cottage next door is now on the market, and has been for about a month. Yesterday I swung by to see for myself. From the outside, it’s a charmer, unlike a couple of houses in the circle that have been more or less ruined. It’s set back a little for a nice, tucked-away feeling, and it’s bigger than the other, with a separate garage and shed. Looks to be in fine condition; it’s even winterized and has central air.


Side view

The kitchen, however, to judge from the listing pics, looks like a bit of a modern horror show, and though the house has some period detail, including windows edged with colored glass, it could take some doing to restore the original feel.



Campground Circle is a five-minute bike ride from a good Peconic Bay beach, and I think the asking price is fair.

Someone go buy it, and hurry. Click here for the listing, in case you missed it the first time;-)


Other buildings on Campground Circle, above

1 thought on “North Fork Revival Cottage 440K

  1. I looked at the 2nd home last year…… certainly has some very charming details, but the kitchen is a bit overdone for my taste. Not enough parking for guests either. I wonder if it ever sold or if it was taken off the market for a bit. I love the campgrounds, my daughter refers to this charmer as “The Nancy Drew House”!

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