Shipshape ’30s Beach Cottage 599K

UPDATE: This cottage closed in September 2010 for 520K.


ONE OF MY FAVORITE COTTAGES has just hit the market. A friend and I were out for a walk Sunday morning and noticed the realtor’s sign. We were gazing over the moon gate at the impeccable, boxwood-edged patio when the owner pulled up in his green SUV and offered us a tour. We took him up on it.


A onetime fisherman’s cottage, it was moved to this corner lot in the Maidstone Park area of Springs from its original waterfront spot. At 600 square feet — 1 BR + sleeping loft, with a separate, 170-square-foot guest cottage —  it’s small but shipshape, with every space-saving efficiency, including custom narrow appliances in the galley kitchen. The cottage was mentioned in a New York Times story in August 2006 about tiny houses.


The owner is a NYC-based architect; every construction, design, and decor decision is supremely tasteful. I love the white painted floors. Seeing them confirmed my plan to paint my own tongue-in-groove floors white at the earliest opportunity.


The property is small — about 1/10 acre, but lushly landscaped for privacy, with a brick dining patio and wood deck, and high-tech irrigation, lighting, and indoor-outdoor sound systems.

The homeowner told us he’s selling because he’s been working on the house for nine years. Now that it’s done, he needs a new project. I understand.

For the real-estate listing, with more pics and open house dates, go here.

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