Winter Solstice Centerpiece



A few dollars worth of fruit, some sprigs of boxwood and spruce (or pine or yew or arborvitae), a footed bowl or platter, and you got yourself a real festive display.

I saw it in the entry hall of one of the houses on last December’s house tour in Orient, out at the tip of Long Island’s North Fork, and just had to share it. I mean, Martha couldn’t do better.


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4 Responses to Winter Solstice Centerpiece

  1. Terry Kearns says:

    Very nice arrangement. I didn’t get a chance to comment on your Orient tour. Thanks for all those pictures. I hope you don’t have sore shutter and mouse finger.

  2. brooklynGreene says:

    I agree: positively lovely! Pineapple: symbol of hospitality in Colonial America.

  3. cara says:

    Thanks BG – I love hearing the pineapple has some meaning other than being a big, impressive piece of fruit. It must have taken some doing to get hold of a pineapple in pre-Revolutionary Virginia. (Meanwhile, I’ve seen them for $2.99 around here – what’s going on?)

  4. Ellen says:

    Yes, pineapples are $2.99 here in sunny, snowy Long Beach. But the big news at the local market is the price of the strawberries — $6.99! (And they don’t even have any special meaning — do they?) I watched someone pick them up thinking they were $2.99 and suddenly opened her eyes wide and put them back when she looked more closely. Sigh!
    But that arrangement was lovely and I thank you for sharing — loved the Orient Point visit — haven’t been there in awhile. Some day! Stay warm.

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