Happy Houseplants

MY HOUSEPLANTS ARE THRIVING indoors for, like, the first time ever.

A huge split-leaf philodendron, an asparagus fern, a peace lily that never bloomed, a variegated ficus I thought had a ‘weeping habit’ because it was so droopy — all struggled for years in Brooklyn, with weak light from north-facing or obscured windows.

Put them under skylights on Long Island, and all hell breaks loose! The peace lily is blooming, the ficus standing tall.

One of the things I feared when I bought this house was an excess of skylights. They turn out to be a boon in these short end-of-season days, for my state of mind and for the plants.

And my amaryllis are such fun to watch; they grow an inch a day. I ordered three bulbs this year from White Flower Farm and potted them up. I don’t remember which is which, but I’m really looking forward to ‘Evergreen,’ below, a new offering from South Africa, smaller than standard amaryllis, but what a great, unusual color.

About cara

I blog for fun here at casaCARA, and write about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites. My recently published posts and articles can be found here: https://casacara.wordpress.com/recent-articles/
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