YOU HAVE TO SEE IT to believe it. I once drove to Bay Ridge specifically looking for this odd Arts and Crafts-style house I’d heard about, just to prove to myself such a thing could exist in Brooklyn. It does.

Now it’s on the market for the first time since the 1980s. If it brings its asking price of $12 million (highly unlikely), that would set a record for the borough. Designed by James Sarsfield Kennedy in 1917 and built of uncut stone, its most amazing feature is the roof, which looks a lot like a thatched roof on an English cottage out of the Doomsday Book, but is in fact artfully rounded asphalt shingle.

People have taken to calling it the Gingerbread House for some stupid reason. The 5,800-square-foot, 6 BR house, on 1 acre near New York Harbor, is coffered and paneled, with huge fireplaces, a “fountain room,” whatever that is, a chauffeur’s room, a theatre and more. For more info and pictures, see the realtor’s listing.

A New York City landmark, it was originally built for a shipping magnate and has been owned for the past 25 years by Jerry Fishman, who grew up in the neighborhood and wanted to own the house since he was in high school. His mother even claims he tried to crawl out of his stroller at age 2 to get to the house. Really. The whole cockamamie story is here.