Columbia County Fixer-Upper Fixed Up!


MY GO-TO WEBSITE when I miss the Hudson Valley — a real blogazine — is Rural Intelligence.

Wouldn’t want to chance missing the recent post in which a dilapidated 850-square-foot Columbia County cottage at the end of a dirt road is bought and made chic by a pair of NYC-based Australian stylists and set decorators “whose job it is to make things look fabulous — and fast.”


As it turns out, it wasn’t really all that fast. Go here to read the saga and see more pix.

I adore this. Such a modest cottage treated to such a stylish makeover! I wonder when the house was built and how much they paid for it?

Photos by Dana Gallagher

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5 Responses to Columbia County Fixer-Upper Fixed Up!

  1. Love this! I’ve got to check out Rural Intelligence. I haven’t seen that before. Thanks!

  2. This is just a little slice of heaven.

  3. Astor C says:

    Ahhhh… Storing wood in the house. Let’s invite in all those carpenter ants…

  4. JC says:

    The same house is profiled in Country Living, with some more deets: it’s an 1800 (!) farmhouse on “a couple of acres,” and they picked it up for $120,000. The article, with more photos (by the same photographer, I believe) is here:

    They did a gorgeous job!

  5. cara says:

    Excellent, JC, thanks – that article satisifed my curiosity on a number of levels!

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