1880s Farmhouse in Springs 750K


IF I COULD FLIP the postwar cottage I’ve owned for three whole months now, and buy something like this cedar-shingled 1884 farmhouse , I would. That would be premature, but it’s much closer to what I originally set out to find.

The house is on 3/4 acre on Old Stone Highway, which has been the winding backroads artery between Springs and Amagansett for three centuries, and still has a few 18th century houses on it. It’s a short stroll to the best kayak launch site on Accabonac Harbor.

Cedar-shingled, turn-of-the-20th-century houses like this one were going for around 950K a few years back, a local broker told me (that’s corroborated by a Zillow graph at the link below). It’s all in how you look at it, right? This could be a great recession bargain, or else it’s triple what it would have cost if I, we, you had had more foresight ten or fifteen ears ago.

UPDATE 12/27/10: The house has been sold, but you can see more pics here.

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3 Responses to 1880s Farmhouse in Springs 750K

  1. brooklyn says:

    That is lovely. Could you flip your house?

  2. cara says:

    Not profitably enough to afford the farmhouse. I haven’t completely fixed up my cottage yet, and the market hasn’t gone up at all since I bought it in May of this year. There will be others. There always are!

  3. Interesting how small the 1800s farmhouses are as compared to the later ones.

    The one I’m living in looks deceptively smaller on the outside then it really is.

    The newer farmhouse on the farm is bigger and more what I “expect” farmhouses to look like.

    Great find. I have a love/hate relationship with black and white tile floors though.

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