Boho Cottage in Sag Harbor 450K

IF, LIKE ME, YOU’RE A SUCKER FOR THINGS BOHEMIAN, maybe this cottage in the über-charming village of Sag Harbor is for you.


It might well be for me if I hadn’t just bought a place three months ago and am still recovering.

I came upon it Saturday in the course of my yard-saling. The house is practically hidden by hydrangeas and in dire need of loving care (so much the better!) I’m guessing it was built in the 1920s.


The yard was full of the sort of stuff a woman of a certain age who had lived in an old cottage for a long time would have. I happened to overhear her telling someone the place was for sale; there was no sign out front. But it is indeed listed with Corcoran, and for the realistic price of 450K. (Many in this area can remember when you couldn’t get anything less than 700K in Sag Harbor; it wasn’t that long ago.)


The house is petite, c’est vrai, but it’s got a big old garage, above. And will ya look at that fab green stove in the kitchen, below.


Go on, buy it and make me jealous.


Details: 3 BR, 1 bath, 800 sq. ft., 0.17 acres, woodburning stove, separate barn/studio with sleeping loft

Contact: Anja Breden  631/725-4015, cell 516/445-1082

7 thoughts on “Boho Cottage in Sag Harbor 450K

  1. Hey Cara, i’m hooked again…
    I’ll be checking in often!
    Yard saleing vicariously… i did see a very cool 50’s rectangular table at thrift store on 3rd ave, 22-23rd. Not wood, metal tubular leg base, with that typical fake gray foil type surface. $150?-185? can’t remember…but good price.

    Re: raccoon…I say Leave the skylights open, hide the glassware and set up some nightvision cams.

    Nice little cottage you found too, i’ll take it!. Now where did i put that 450k?

    mmm lobster mango salad.

    watch out for ticks , i heard they’re EVerywhere…

  2. It’s cute. I’m not sure I can figure out the layout from the photos. How big is the cottage?

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