Boring Stuff

MAYBE SOME OF YOU HAVE NOTICED I’ve reduced my blogging schedule from daily (as if that was ever gonna be sustainable) to a few times a week. I’ve been occupied with such matters as:

  • cleaning out my basement (still)
  • painting a green rattan sofa white (Why does everything worth doing, like painting a rattan sofa, turn out to be either harder than it looks or more time-consuming than you think it’s going to be?)
  • mulling over what to edge my driveway with — logs, railroad ties, steel, cobblestones, nothing — when I get around to having a driveway built
  • considering what kind of material to use for a patio (flagstone, wood decking) when I get around to having a patio built
  • paying bills that built up over two months of vacancy in Cobble Hill
  • having house guests — better enjoy them now, I figure, they’re not going to come in January
  • going to the beach:-)

I’m feeling very indecisive lately regarding my landscaping choices. Everyone who visits has different opinions. For instance, the old, misshapen, non-flowering cherry tree in the middle of the backyard. One friend says lose it. Another says prune it. A third says keep it. I say…I don’t know.

The roses of Sharon are blooming, weakly. They’re weed trees, essentially. I never knew how easily they sprout and how invasive they can be. The forsythia’s out of control too, to name another plant I always throught was ‘desirable,’ and took great pains to nurture along. Oh, and the wisteria’s back. It’s like something out of Sorcerer’s Apprentice, popping up again everywhere. A force of nature, like the ocean.

It’s August. Time to do nothing, I tell myself. Just to bide my time, until the landscapers’ calendars slow down and their prices get (hopefully) more reasonable. And I’ve made some decisions.

Deer count, last 24 hours: 4

10 thoughts on “Boring Stuff

  1. I used a long (driveway length) abandoned rubber hose to temporary line a driveway years and years ago and it’s been good ever since. Try freecycle for industrial ones. They can also be spray painted. I dont think you want to line it with anything you wont be able to see in the winter.

    And always stone for a patio, never decking. You know this in your heart.

  2. Thanks, Delft. I’d be more inclined to take your advice on the patio if you hadn’t suggested spray-painted rubber hose for the driveway (that’s one I never thought of!)

  3. Nancy, there is a Rose of Sharon (aka hibiscus) hedge on Bergen between Hoyt/Bond, I believe, north side, that is sheared as a squared-off hedge, very lush and thick. I’ll bet it’s in bloom now. Would you look and tell me if it is (and maybe take a picture?) It’s something to admire even if you don’t usually like R of S.

  4. I think I can help you answer one of your questions. If the navy cushions 1) actually fit the furniture for which they were purchased, 2) are of good quality, and 3) weren’t so expensive it kind of hurts to think about that part, then you keep them. That’s one more problem solved for now.

  5. My thoughts exactly. I’ve spent the past day & a half painting the rattan sofa white and can’t wait to see how it looks with those navy cusions. They were on sale, are of decent quality, and actually fit!

  6. dude, I’m telling you, you don’t even see the hose if you paint it the color of the driveway. it settles in below the “line” of the driveway and it just holds it together so you don’t get rocks/pebbles/shells in your mower and kicked into someone’s leg every weekend. you’ll have to weed whack logs or railroad ties (hello 1980!) or steel and life is to short for that kinda crap.

  7. Edge the drive with cobblestones or the faux cobblestones, that now look decent, from Lowe’s. If a new drive is concrete stain it greyish and consider a rough surface vs. smooth.

    Patio of flagstone in dirt, 1″ thick & 1″apart with evergreen groundcover in the cracks.

    Keep the cherry tree as eco choice for wildlife and to support several types of clematis, Wisteria ‘Amethyst Falls’, & climbing rose if you get 6 hrs of sun or more. Prune cherry tree to shape as it rots while keeping it ‘natural’. Monet did this, along with many others.

    Life is too short for time consuming plants. Your time is needed elsewhere aside from the Rose of Sharon & Wisteria. Wisteria ‘Amethyst Falls’ is not agressive.

    The best plant sales in the Southeast are always the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Nurseries bring Christmas trees in and MUST clear space.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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