Two Bloggerific Milestones

THIS IS MY 200th POST, but not to worry. I’m not going to make you read through a list of 200 Things I Like About Me (anyway, I couldn’t possibly come up with that many).

The second milestone: On Friday, I reached 100,000 page views since starting this blog last December, a neat average of 500 per post. I don’t have that many close personal friends and relatives, so the number is gratifying.

To celebrate, I’ve decided to “spread the link love,” as we bloggers say (yes, I know: yucky expression — even worse than ‘shout-out’) by highlighting a few of the blogs that have been meaningful to me as a neophyte blogger, and I’ll tell you why.

  • Brownstoner. This is the vital source of info for anyone with a day-to-day interest in Brooklyn, from real estate to restaurants. If you’ve ever wondered what’s going into that empty lot on the corner, Brownstoner will tell you. It’s updated frequently throughout the day, Monday through Friday, and has an active (OK, aggressive) commenting culture. Jonathan “Mr. B” Butler has been super-generous with links to my Brooklyn-related blog posts, helping me grow a reader base, some of which apparently stuck even after I moved out to East Hampton in May.
  • Louise Crawford of Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, another stalwart in the Brooklyn blog world, came up with the name “Brownstone Voyeur” for a series of posts in which we poked our heads into the homes of tasteful neighbors. I provided the content, she provided the exposure. We did 17 Brownstone Voyeur postings last winter and spring, and they’re among the most-visited in my archives (love that phrase, ‘my archives’).
  • Alecia Stevens is a fellow field editor for shelter magazines. She was the first to tell me, over lunch sometime last year, that blogging is not that difficult. Without her encouragement, casaCARA might not exist. Alecia divides her time between Minneapolis and New York City; her own longstanding blog, Musings from an Interior World, is beautifully designed and thoughtfully written.
  • Joanne Wilson, aka Gotham Gal, whom I know through my sister and nephew, is a foodie and woman about Manhattan, with a keen interest in new music, theatre, books, and culture in general. Her very successful personal blog can be compelling reading (especially when the family goes to Paris). She offers great recipes and handy restaurant reviews, but most inspiring and astounding to me, she has been at it since 2003.
  • Julia, somewhere in Ohio, has a popular blog called Hooked on Houses. I’m grateful for her Friday ‘blog parties,’ through which I’ve discovered the blogs of other house-minded individuals the world over, and picked up some new readers. I warn you that once you start clicking the links on Julia’s blog — and then the links on those other blogs, and so on and so forth — you may never get away.
  • A Way to Garden is, hands down, THE most useful garden blog going. In just over a year, Margaret Roach, a former editor at Martha Stewart Living, has put together an extraordinarily active, informative, easy-to-navigate blog complete with discussion forums, Q&As, timely garden tips, great photos, and amusing, intelligent commentary. She’s based in New York’s Hudson Valley but has a devoted national readership. She’s generous with both gardening and blogging advice.

That’s just a smattering. My blogroll needs expanding, and I vow to grow it by the time I hit 300.

About cara

I blog (for fun) here at casaCARA, and write (for money) about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites.
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8 Responses to Two Bloggerific Milestones

  1. Congratulations! That really is a big achievement. Thing is, you do such a great job that one look-see will have people coming back for more.

    Great top blog picks. Especially Brownstoner (since i found you through one of his posts).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Mary-Liz says:

    Congratulations, Cara!!! I look forward to reading your amusing musings every day!

  3. BrooklynGreene says:

    Yes, congrats!!!

    Am using amusing musings too!

  4. Congrats!

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Keep it up!

  5. Nancy says:

    How quickly you reached that milestone and what a nice way to celebrate!

  6. cara says:

    Thanks to all in my amen corner!:-)

  7. David Becker says:

    An amazing achievement. You’ve got a following and a business in the making. Hello Bravo calling. Reality TV, mugs, coffee table books.

  8. tziporah says:

    love reading everything you write = this way i get to keep up with your life –
    and congratulations on hitting 200 = you go girl!

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