A Done Deal

I SEEM TO HAVE BOUGHT A HOUSE today. It was very unceremonious. No fanfare. No champagne. Just signing papers. At one point, I said to my lawyer, ‘Did I buy the house yet?’ She said, ‘You signed the deed, so, yes.’ That was it.

Things have leafed out since last month, when this picture was taken

Things have leafed out since this picture was taken

The seller wasn’t present at the closing. Neither was her attorney; he sent someone. Someone else represented the bank. The title closer was there; not even a hello.

I had hoped to meet my mortgage broker. She wasn’t there either. I did get to meet my lawyer. These were both women I’d been talking to and emailing for months and was looking forward to meeting. I like my lawyer a lot. She’s my neighbor in Springs and invited me to dinner Sunday night. How d’ya like that? A dinner invitation my first night.

I like my interest rate a lot, too: 4.875%. Makes me want to re-finance everything. With taxes ($1,500/yr) and insurance ($717/yr), my monthly nut comes to $1,508. Not bad for the Hamptons.

Below: Jackson Pollock, Springs’ most famous resident

Jackson Pollock's home and studio are down the road

Pollock's home and studio are just down the road

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6 Responses to A Done Deal

  1. Melissa says:

    Glad to read you’ll have a permanent place to lay your head!

    I support you in holding out for the best possible apt in Brooklyn.

    Better to wait until you get what you really want.

  2. Mary-Liz says:

    Hooray!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  3. MazeDancer says:

    Congratulations! On the house, on the amazing low-interest mortgage and the equally astoundingly small taxes. $1500 a year? Wow. Wouldn’t have been surprised at 5 or 6 times that. Guess no Village and Township tax or something.

    Enjoy nesting. How great that you can focus on it without needing to burrow in at an apartment, too. Spring in the Springs, perfect season for renewing and sprucing. We armchair renovators look forward to extensive documentation.
    Have lots of fun!

  4. cara says:

    Thanks to y’all so far for your good wishes. “Spring in the Springs” – I may have to steal that for a blog post title! I’ll take lots of pictures as I go along…

  5. Congratulations! How wonderful! Looks like you have the perfect summer cottage. Enjoy every moment.

  6. Ginnypa says:


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