Walkabout with Montrose on Brownstoner

I WANT TO TURN YOU ALL ON to a new weekly feature on Brownstoner, the powerhouse Brooklyn real-estate website without which I would have about one-fifth of my readership.


“Walkabout with Montrose” is the work of a Crown Heights resident, adept with camera and keyboard, who styles herself Montrose Morris after the Renaissance Revival architect of the same name (active in Brooklyn in the late 19th century, he built the over-the-top Alhambra apartments on Nostrand Avenue, as well as the Renaissance, the Imperial, and other then-prestigious buildings).


Montrose trolls the streets of central Brooklyn with a sharp eye for architectural detail, amassing a body of invaluable documentation you won’t find in books.


The first in the series was ironwork on March 31, followed by terracotta on April 7, and my favorite so far, the esoteric and totally undocumented automobile row on April 14 — the great Art Deco showrooms and other auto-related businesses that sprouted on Bedford Avenue in the ‘teens and ’20s.


This week, on April 22, Montrose focused on brick; go here for the whole post.

Thanks, Montrose, for your scholarly contribution to Brooklyn’s rich architectural history, and for wearing out your shoe leather (or rubber soles, as it were) so the rest of us can benefit.


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I blog (for fun) here at casaCARA, and write (for money) about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites.
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1 Response to Walkabout with Montrose on Brownstoner

  1. Montrose Morris says:

    My friend, the Sainted Tenant, just told me about this. Thanks so much for the mention! I was thinking about doing a blog, and yours was one of the models of excellence that inspired me. Your photography and prose is great, and I love your attention to the historic beauty around us. I will continue to read and enjoy! Buona fortuna!

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