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3 Responses to In the Neighborhood

  1. BrooklynGreene says:

    I’m not sure I quite understand howthe tone/gist of the poem relates to your situation. I hope you’re NOT really leaving the neighborhood! Of course you can really change your life and come live over the River Styx in Fort Greene…it’s almost the “country”…at least it was 150 years ago.

    Moving is hard. I am commiserating with you. It’s not my forte. Having lived in a number of countries, I still don’t seem to have lived in many places. I set down roots and “that’s it!”

    Well, just know there are those out there who can relate.

    Luck with your new place in the Springs. Visit the Pollack-Krasner house if you already haven’t. There are some pretty swallows (or whatever they are) who nest over the back porch door.

  2. cara says:

    Oh – just feeling generally nostalgic for the old days, and projecting ahead to when THESE days will be the old days. Those are lyrics from a song Lieber/Stoller wrote (I think for “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”). I guess you need to hear the melody. I love Fort Greene – maybe next time. Thanks for the commiseration and the good wishes re Springs. I will check out the Pollock-Krasner house at my earliest opportunity (it’s nearby, but has been closed for the season).

  3. BrooklynGreene says:

    Yes, they’re closed now but open in summer. Sometimes they’ll do a panel discussion or an event. A couple of summers ago, maybe 2007, there was a good panel discussion and reception. The crowd ended up to be quite large so they set up the discussion a short distance down the road at the community center (it was spur of the moment so the occasionally-used center had not been pre-chilled…and it was a hot as heck day…we roasted).

    I like the idea of being able to saunter down to the LIRR at Atlantic Avenue and take a train to Greenport and get on the ferry to Shelter Island. It’s very nice not having to get into a car of the Hampton Jitney. Although, because of the train station location there at the dock, if you’re going anywhere else, you need someone to pick you up.

    Re: Fort Greene…what do you mean by “next time”? You mean to tell me they’ll be a “next time”? After most moves I’ve often said “never again!”…like Masada…Ooops…I hope the ancestors didn’t take offense at that!

    Anyway, you’re moving to State Street, right? That’s a-w-f-u-l-l-y close to Fort Greene… ;-) You’ll almost be in our neck of the woods…that much closer to BAM…I don’t know…pretty close call. ;-)

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