The Real Deal: Greenport Greek Revival 399K

152 Bay Avenue, Greenport, Long Island

152 Bay Avenue, Greenport, Long Island

OK, it’s the oldest real-estate cliche in the book, but this house is a gem. A Greek Revival built in 1810 by David Kendrick, a ship’s carpenter, on Long Island’s North Fork, it oozes authenticity, history and charm. It’s the real deal.

Just reduced from 459K to 399K, it’s an estate sale; proceeds will go to Cancer Care.

Picture it in summer

Picture it in summer

Its last owner, Hope Dewar Hendler, was a chic and feisty lady who worked in fashion and millinery for decades.  She continued to take the jitney from Manhattan out to her beloved Greenport cottage until shortly before she died last December at 92.

PROS: Harmonious ‘golden rectangle’ architecture (the main space is most

Picture it de-cluttered

Picture it de-cluttered

UNclaustrophobic, about 600 square feet with windows on three sides); formal lawn and garden with boxwood hedge, side pergola over a brick patio;  tiny country kitchen; original floor, doors, and windows. Wonderful location 1/2 block off Greenport’s attractive Main Street; 1/2 block to the harbor.

CONS: Only one small bedroom downstairs, 1 dated bath.  Tiny country kitchen (yes, that’s also a pro because it’s charming as hell, but small — no reason it couldn’t be expanded, however). House needs painting inside and out.

Picture it de-toiled

Picture it de-toiled


There’s also an unfinished but clean attic reached by a narrow twisting stair.  Kids might enjoy sleeping up there; adults will hit their heads on the rafters.

For more info: Suzanne Hahn, Brown Harris Stevens,

Please note: I am NOT a real estate broker, nor do I have any financial interest in the sale of any property mentioned on this blog.  I just like spreading the word about unique, historic properties and what I believe are solid investment opportunities.

6 thoughts on “The Real Deal: Greenport Greek Revival 399K

  1. This is adorable! It looks perfect for a single person or a couple. I think it might be tight for a family, but at the same time a little house like this would probably translate to easy upkeep. Cara, I love your historical house listings. They feed my fantasy life, as does you entire blog : )

  2. Thanks, Em, for your feedback – I need it! Yes, the Greenport house would work for 1 or 2 people today (in the early 19th century, they probably crammed a dozen in there!)

  3. I love this house. If you are not familiar with Greenport, come and check it out. The village is charming and laid back. In the picture behind it is another of my favorite Greenport gems. There are a lot of them here.

  4. Thanks for the interior shots. I had initially seen this listing on MLSLI and was disappointed by the lack of pictures. I am intrigued by this house and I’ll probably go look at it this weekend……..however, I do need a 2 BDRM. Maybe I can be creative with the attic. I’m looking for a small 2nd home on the North Fork and these historic charmers always tug at my heart! Love your blog, BTW!

  5. hi Adrienne! Yes, it’s a very intriguing house. Definitely a one-bedroom, however. You might be able to carve a second out of the huge living room, or put dormers in the attic. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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