Parlor Tricks: Bohemian Brooklyn

1-exteriorI’ve seen a lot of intriguing places in my work as a freelance field editor.  Some are just too quirky (read: creative, artistic) for the mainstream magazines, like this no-holds-barred riot of paint and wallpaper in a limestone townhouse in the heart of Park Slope.

It was masterminded by decorator Linda Spector of Zelda Victoria, the longstanding, beloved fabric and wallcoverings shop on Fifth Avenue and Third Street, now closed.

Have a look.  Elle Decor, you had your chance.21-front-rm

Note: Oval ceiling with original plaster detail; mantelpiece hand-painted by local artists. 23-front-rm-w-hi-boy


Handpainted ‘harlequin’ walls in the middle room on the parlor floor.


The piece de resistance: a custom ceiling collage made of 10 different wallpaper patterns, mostly from Bradbury.

1 thought on “Parlor Tricks: Bohemian Brooklyn

  1. SO LOVE the mantelpiece.

    Made me think of the old photos of the mural in my mother’s first Brooklyn apt (way before I came along)

    While I can admire the wall paper and painting, I think living in a house like that would make me crazy. Too busy.

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