Now Domino is Falling!

DOMINO MAGAZINE IS FOLDING, and I am devastated.  Hard on the heels of Cottage Living, my other favorite magazine is ceasing to publish.  Why why why why WHY??!!!???

As if it wasn’t enough to lose Cottage Living, Country Living, O at Home, the infant Blueprint — not to mention HG — now this lively, original, and inspiring magazine, that just made you want to go re-arrange furniture and paint a wall pink, is no more.

I never subscribed, because I just couldn’t wait to receive it in the mail if there was any chance of finding it at a newsstand a day or two earlier.

Domino was fun and and unpretentious — they never shied from IKEA furniture, if it was used well — and they featured mostly old houses, often in Brooklyn. In the February ’09 issue (March ’09 will be the last), there’s a 1930s brick row house in Brussels, Belgium; a gingerbread Victorian in New Orleans; and a couple of L.A. bungalows.

A few months back, irresistibly, they featured Chase Booth’s three-week makeover of a dank ’70s ranch with an acoustical tile ceiling in Columbia County, and made it look GREAT.

Is the economy really THAT bad?

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From today’s Conde Nast to Fold Domino (UnBeige)
Conde Nast is folding Domino, the young “Shopping Magazine for Your Home” launched in April of 2005. A final March issue will be published, and will be shuttered. “This decision … is driven entirely by the economy,” said Conde Nast president and CEO Charles Townsend. BusinessWeek: Domino and the folly of the magazine spin-off. NYO: A spokeswoman said Domino editor Deborah Needleman and publisher Beth Brenner would both leave the company, but that some staff would be given new jobs at Conde Nast. NYP: Though the upscale shelter magazine was a money loser, Newhouse’s decision caught insiders and outsiders by surprise.

5 thoughts on “Now Domino is Falling!

  1. Great headline. But it’s not so much the economy (everyone’s excuse) but competition from the web (and blogs like yours!) that’s pushing print hard.

  2. I am also extremely bummed about Domino folding…I found out when I called to renew my subscription. The woman I spoke with at the Domino offices last week sounded a bit shellshocked but incredibly nice. I so looked forward to its arrival every month and with 2 tots under 3, appreciated how they featured hip kiddie rooms and hi-low decorating instead of everything being custom and precious. I did buy their book, and it is a good consolidation of some of the more memorable ideas and rooms they have featured. As much as I enjoy a blog, there is nothing like hiding a magazine (or book) in your hands…more portable and resistant to drool and crumbs than a laptop!

  3. Yes, blogs can only do so much to take up the slack – as a former mother of small children myself, I agree
    magazines are better than laptops near sticky fingers and sandboxes. Thanks for your comment, Em!

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