Brooklyn Eye Candy: Baths

Retro rules in these soulful Brooklyn bathrooms.  Whether these sinks and tubs are new or old doesn’t matter.  They look old; that’s what matters.



Above: Zen-like in Prospect Heights, with a deep soaking tub and square sink set on an old Chinese cabinet. Original parquet floors are warmer than tile; red walls and shoji-like window treatment play up the Asian theme. Design: Caroline Beaupere

Left: Classic in Boerum Hill.  The claw foot tub is original (it’s always easier to leave those in place and have them re-glazed). The new tile floor has an unusual herringbone pattern.

Below: The marble sink and old door (as well as flooring, windows, and almost everything else in this Clinton Hill House) came from Moon River Chattel in Williamsburg. Design: DK Holland

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4 Responses to Brooklyn Eye Candy: Baths

  1. Melissa says:

    One of the things that drives me crazy about Brooklyn brownstone renovations (besides stripping it completely bare of original details) is the tearing out of the claw foot tubs. For the life of me I can’t understand why they’d take out those “soaker” tubs to replace them with “sitz baths”.

    Irks me to no end.

  2. Becky says:

    Love the bathroom details! Can you do one on bathrooms in public places (e.g. restaurants and bars)?

  3. cara says:

    Have anything special in mind? Remember, it has to be old, or feel old, at least. The very best public restroom I’ve seen lately is at a low-key, hidden-away bar/restaurant, 71 N. Moore in Tribeca — they created the bathroom out of an old wrought iron elevator cage tucked in a corner of the place.

  4. cara says:

    I hate Jacuzzis (hot tubs too). They are ugly and have no place in brownstones;-) I say, if you want a Jaccuzi or a hot tub, go to a spa.

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