Walt Whitman Slept Here, Maybe


BOY, it’s telling when the Fregift Wells house, a highly pedigreed 1753 house on 1.43 acres of Long Island’s North Fork, can’t get itself sold for $570K.

First, it tells us that the economy is in the toilet, but we knew that.  It also implies that– beautiful architecture and property aside –the fact that Walt Whitman is believed to have lived in the house, and that it contains the early 19th century Giles Library, complete with official plaque, apparently count for little.


Above: Rear of house

Now, I haven’t seen the Fregift Wells house in person, so I don’t know if there’s anything badly wrong with the location, but I’m told it’s off Main Road in Southold, on the Bayview peninsula, south of the highway, “near three beaches.”

The house went on the market last summer at over $600K, says Kenneth Poliwoda of Prudential Douglas Elliman in Southold (kenneth.poliwoda@prudentialelliman.com, 631 765 5903).  “An artist” made an offer and it was accepted, but couldn’t come up with a mortgage. “So we wasted three months. ”

Another prospective buyer was found, and that buyer’s offer accepted.  As of this past Friday, however, the expected contract had not been signed, so the house is still on the market.


Above: “Gardener’s delight”

It’s 12 rooms total, 7 BR, 3 baths, with a detached guest house and a chicken coop.  Oh, and it’s in ‘excellent’ condition.

Need I say more?

For more pics and info, go to MLSLI.com, click ‘Find Homes,’ then insert ML#2077369 in box on upper right.

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3 Responses to Walt Whitman Slept Here, Maybe

  1. Eric Hundin says:

    I found your blog on MSN Search. Nice writing. I will check back to read more.

  2. cara says:

    Thanks, Eric, please do! And let me know what interests you most to read about.
    Feedback is always welcome!

  3. Astor C. says:

    “The boatmen and clamdiggers arose early and stopped for me,/I tucked my trouser-ends in my boots and went and had a good time/You should have been there with us that day round the chowder kettle.”

    –Leaves of Grass (first edition)

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