casaCARA gets some ink!

This article appeared today in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.


A Worthy Blog

by Trudy Whitman

I’ve had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the blogosphere. In the Sunday, January 11, issue of The New York Times, Gabriel Cohen, the author of four Brooklyn-based novels, summed up the “attraction” of neighborhood blogs by writing that they are “a lot like New York itself: brash, snide and willing to turn the most trivial topic into an ideological free-for-all.” Of course, to remain on top of things, I’ve had to follow neighborhood news blogs, and I have found some that are sincere and informative. My mouse does, indeed, nibble on these for tidbits. But I do not seek out the brash and the snide — alas, they find me all too frequently — and I most certainly don’t have the patience for Internet triviality, not to mention poor grammar and lack of style.

That said by this fuddy-duddy, allow me to turn you on to a neighbor’s new blog — Cara Greenberg is an old-house aficionado, who emphasizes that she is not a real estate agent but admits to owning five old homes in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Dutchess County.

Love old houses?  Check out this woman's new blog.

Love old houses? Check out this woman's new blog.

All are filled with tenants. A longtime resident of the Hills & Gardens, she is a veteran freelance writer who has published articles on interior and furniture design, architecture, real estate, antiques and collecting, gardens, and travel. Greenberg’s work has appeared in Metropolitan Home, Garden Design, The New York Times, and Home Miami. She has also written several books, including Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. In addition to the writing, Cara Greenberg is a location scout for several interior design magazines. Ms. Greenberg gets around.

Greenberg recalls that the idea of sharing her passions on a blog came to her as she was assessing “the load of ideas, written content, and photographs that, for one reason or another, have not found their way into print. By self-publishing a blog, I can get this worthy material ‘out there’ and not have it go to waste.”

If you love antique houses and enjoy nosing around new neighborhoods, surf on over to The blog is well-written (and punctuated!) and plucky without being the least bit snarky, and Greenberg’s text is illustrated with abundant color photographs of her real estate and design discoveries.


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About cara

I blog for fun here at casaCARA, and write about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites. My recently published posts and articles can be found here:
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13 Responses to casaCARA gets some ink!

  1. Melissa says:

    Great write-up!

    I do love this blog.

  2. cara says:

    why, thanks, Melissa:-) I appreciate that tremendously!

  3. stacie says:

    way to go, cara! i’m glad you’re getting noticed. i’ll go old house-hunting with you any day!

  4. cara says:

    you’re on;-) thanks for commenting, Stacie!

  5. Well done, Cara!! And deservedly so!! I want to go house hunting with you too!!

  6. cara says:

    thanks, ML – maybe I should organize a bus tour?!

  7. JC says:

    I’m so glad to have discovered this blog–it’s tremendous fun to live vicariously through all your real-estate adventuring! You don’t need me to tell you this, but you have exquisite taste, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else you can find and share.

  8. cara says:

    Well, thank you, JC! i’m all puffed up by your compliments! Feel free to send them anytime – critiques, too – and let me know if there’s a particular area/region that interests you.

  9. FH says:

    hey- sign me up for the bus tour too!

  10. cara says:

    haha – it’s pretty grueling, y’know – this house-hunting thing…but I appreciate your enthusiasm, FH!

  11. Becky says:

    Love the fact that you are recognition in the local press!! Nice article!

    Bring the bus South so I can participate!

  12. cara says:

    Thanks, Becky! Stay tuned – I’ll be expanding coverage to other areas as time goes on.

  13. coppermaven says:

    congrats on the press! you deserve it!

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