North Fork Old-House Washout

I set out this morning from Brooklyn, as promised, to check out old-house listings at the East End of Long Island, with every intention of heading all the way to Greenport — but I turned back halfway because of heavy rain and fog (I’m nuts, but not that nuts!)

All is not lost, however.  I was in that area a few weeks ago, traipsing around with Josyane Monaco of By the Sea Properties in East Quogue, and saw a couple of places worthy of mention to discerning old-house people.  Both are still on the market (and have been for some time, so they are probably highly negotiable).

Of half a dozen places I saw that day, these two were best. The Multiple Listing Service of Long Island has more details on each house; search on town and asking price.


2126839 This is a heartbreaker. A 1940s farmhouse that is tight as a drum — with good-quality new windows, neat clapboard siding, and several outbuildings, on a smallish lot (82’x130′), but with a truly sensational view (below) of protected farmland out back.

What’s the rub?  Well, it’s on Sound Avenue, which is heavily trafficked, and only 15 or 20 feet back from the road.  You wish a tornado would come, a la Wizard of Oz, lift this house, and put it down nearer the back of the property.  Other possible solutions: a thick hedge; a high fence.  OR (thinking creatively), you could embrace the traffic, grow vegetables, flowers, or herbs out back, and have an adorable farm stand in front.  Or a permanent tag sale.2126839_5


A c.1890 shingle-clad 3-bedroom in good shape, set high on 2/3 of an acre, with a wraparound porch and unusual brick-lined basement.   On Springville Road in Hampton Bays, with a view of Smith Creek (part of Shinnecock Bay) from the second floor.

Sounds great, yes?  The location didn’t provide the feeling of seclusion I am personally looking for, but it is a charming house that has not been messed up architecturally, and my companions on that mission thought I should have made an offer on the spot.


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